Birds already seen this season are most notably the Fish Eagles, Goliath Herons, Plover families, Kingfishers (Malachite and Giant), Spotted Dikkops, Swallows, Ducks  (Various), Geese, Hoopoo’s, Crows, Loeries, Honey suckers, Guinea Fowl, Crested Barbet, Owls and many more LBJ’S

Our exhilarating and relatively short walk incorporates many glorious panoramic views. The vistas, coupled with the numerous bird species is sure to inspire some aspiring ornithologist to set up a base for a weekend or two.

River Place is blessed from sunrise to sunset with the joyful chirps, tweets, and shrieks that resonate throughout the resplendent  Aloe Valley. 

Celebrate a tweet with the birds during the week in the winter months and you get to walk the walk and talk the talk for R175pp which includes a scrumptious two-course meal at our renowned Al Fiume al fresco Restaurant.




The hiking trail opens at 07h00 am and closes at 17h00 Sep –  April and 08h00 -16h00 May – Aug



Corporate Hike — R75.00pp.



Complimentry during your stay.


Complimentary when dining after. If no dining then the following rates apply Adults at R45.00p.p & Kids under 12 Free.

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